4 Common Fertility Tests for Women

While trying to have a child, it is important for any couple to know about their fertility and ensure that all things physically are in order. For women, it is very important to know about her fertility as having sex during the right time will result in conception. However, even after repeated attempts when this fails to occur, it would be wise to go for fertility tests to determine where the problems may lie.
Let’s look at some of the tests available to women in any modern fertility hospital:

1. Pelvic Transvaginal Ultrasound Exam – As is evident from the name this is where a doctor performs an ultrasound exam on a patient’s reproductive organs including the vagina, uterus, ovaries and others. This is doneto check whether the follicles within the ovaries are working normally or not. It is usually performed about 15 days before the onset of usual menstruation. This test also determines that if the follicles are ok and whether the problems are with some other part of the reproductive organ such as the uterus or the fallopian tubes.

2.Basal Body Temperature – This is a method where the patient has to keep self-records of her ovulation cycles. Though this method, a woman can keep a check of whether she is ovulating at regular intervals or whether the intervals are irregular. This is an age old self-diagnosis method, but is not known to be accurate according to doctors of the best fertility hospitals in India.

3. Tubogram or Hysterosalpingogram–Thisis another common test conducted infertility hospitals everywhere. Usually shortened to HSG, this procedure entails injection of a dye into the cervix through the vagina. After this, a series of X-rays of the pelvic area are taken to determine if there are blockages within the fallopian tube. If there are blockages, then the dye won’t go past the tubes and will be easily detected within the X-rays.

4.Uterine or endometrial biopsy – Biopsy is the examination of tissue removed from the human body. In this method, employed by many of the best fertility hospitals in India, a portion of tissue is removed from the uterus for testing by the doctor. This tissue is then put through multiple tests within the laboratory to determine if and what the reasons for infertility may be.

There are other methods as well to determine fertility issues, and it is best to consult a fertility hospital or a doctor to determine the causes and look for solutions.


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