Infertility treatment: pros and cons

Infertility treatment comes as a boon for those who eagerly want to have a child of their own. While on one hand, you find couples, more than willing to undergo infertility treatment, on the other, they are forced into the procedure either by family or society. Infertility is not considered as a disorder or a health condition. It is looked on as an inadequacy and is reason enough for public shaming. This is probably why infertility treatment has been hugely revered and relied on across countries. In the past few decades, several infertility treatment centres have come up all around the world. Treatments for infertility vary from one person to another depending upon the kind of problem they suffer from. Again, infertility in males and females are treated from different perspectives. However gratifying, these modes of cure are also known to have grave health implications. If you are planning to opt for an infertility treatment or know a person who is, an idea about its pros and cons can help you choose or suggest sensibly.

Types of treatment and their pros and cons:-

1. Fertility drugs: Fertility drugs used on women to stimulate ovulation can have far- reaching benefits and disadvantages as well. Fertility drugs work. They have been found to correct ovulation disorders in women and have made them conceive. These medications are highly expensive. Though the success rates are high, there is no guarantee of its effects in which case you end up incurring long medical bills. The drugs are strong, and they can be harmful to your delicate skin.

2. IVF: IVF or in vitro fertilisation helps conception by medically fertilising the eggs of a woman with a man’s sperm. The process is carried out in a laboratory, and the embryo is then placed into the woman’s womb. IVF can also help couples who have not been able to conceive without any diagnosed problem. It helps treat disorders that follow a hereditary pattern. IVF has a few negative implications too. It can make a female bear two or three babies thus affecting the health of the mother and that of the unborn babies. It can also lead to a condition known as ovarian hyper- stimulation syndrome.

There is a plenitude of infertility treatment centres in India . If you have been unable to conceive, you should probably visit a reliable infertility treatment centre; but always choose your deal wisely.


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