5 male infertility problems and treatments

Conceiving a baby is a happy and normal affair for most couples, but for some it’s troublesome. Reproduction usually is a result of intercourse, but when people find it difficult to reproduce it is time they visit infertility treatment centres. When it comes to male infertility, the problems usually lies in the quality and quantity of the sperms. It may so happen that the sperm a man ejaculates is less in number or are of poor quality. This makes it difficult for a man to impregnate his partner.

Infertility treatment centres in India test both partners before diagnosing the male with infertility problems.

Here are 5 types of male infertility problems that you should be aware of-

  1. Sperm production problems – A man can have trouble in reproducing sperms because of hereditary. Other reasons for this being the testes may have failed to descend at the time of birth, an infection which has affected the sperm count, a side effect of some medication or a chemical. It is also possible that one must have been exposed to radiation at some point due to which the sperm count is affected.
  2. Obstruction of sperm transport – Infertility treatment centres have found that in some males, reproduction of sperms is not the problem but its transportation is. This may be due to Vasectomy, some problem in the prostate or as a result of some infection.
  3. Troubles in ejaculation or erection – Infertility treatment centres in India have listed this as a common problem. Sometimes men ejaculate too early or too late, performance anxiety causes erectile dysfunction or a failure in ejaculation. Other reasons for this could be a problem in spinal cord, surgical side effects on the prostate or some nerve problem. Some medicines also cause problems in erection or ejaculation during intercourse.
  4. Hormonal issues – Hormonal issues are extremely common in men and one of the major side effects of these issues is male infertility. Disorders in the hypothalamus or the Pituitary gland are a known cause of male infertility as revealed by various Infertility treatment centres.
  5. Urinary Tract Infections- Infection of the urinary tract can also lead to male infertility.

With advancement in technology, Infertility treatment centres in India and world over have found ways and methods to treat male infertility. Some of them are as follows

  • There are medications to improve the sperms count. These medicines not only improve sperm quality but also quantity and hence increase the chances of reproduction.
  • If the cause of male infertility is because of an infection, then one should take antibiotics to fight this infection.
  • Hormonal injections or medicines to maintain hormonal balance assists in ejaculation or erection.
  • Workers at Infertility treatment centres suggest that wearing loose articles of clothing such as boxer shorts also help in treating male infertility.
  • Lastly, men with infertility issues should avoid taking saunas or hot showers.



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