5 ways that IVF benefits infertile couples

IVF treatment in India is fast gaining popularity amongst couples who are unable to conceive naturally. IVF or in-vitro fertilisation is a process in which an egg and sperm is collected from the couple that is then fertilized in a petri dish, in a lab. The embryo that is formed is then transferred to the female partner’s uterus or to a surrogate mother’s uterus.

IVF presents immense benefits for infertile couples. Here are the ways in which IVF has proven to be advantageous for those who cannot conceive the natural way:

  1. IVF is a viable option when other treatments fail to work

Many a times when couples start facing difficulties in conceiving, they go through various treatment options before zeroing in on IVF. These other methods include intrauterine insemination, medications to induce fertility etc. However, these don’t always work, especially if the couple is above 35 years of age. When these fail to work, doctors recommend IVF as a fail-safe option.

  1. The couple can make use of eggs and sperms donated by others

In quite a few cases, the couple’s doctor can recommend them to make use of eggs and sperms donated by others instead of their own. This is because there might be certain problems in the couple’s eggs and sperms, which can reduce their chances of getting pregnant. When using someone else’s eggs or sperms, they are first fertilized and manually and then transplanted. This can increase a couple’s chances of getting pregnant in the first try.

  1. The couple can decide when to get pregnant

These days, most people are very career-oriented and may not think it’s the right time for them to have a baby, or they may be going through a particular situation in life, because of which they can delay trying to get pregnant. IVF treatment in India allows the couple complete control over when they want to have a baby. The collected eggs and sperms can be stored and used when the couple so desires. This can be of great help in family planning.

  1. The chances of having a healthy baby increases

IVF treatment not only increases a couple’s chances of conceiving (due to its high success rate), it also increases their chances of giving birth to a healthy baby. This is because IVF makes use of genetic screening or testing through which the risk of the baby being born with life threatening conditions is eliminated.

  1. There are lesser chances of a miscarriage

Since a genetic defect is the most common reason behind a miscarriage, the chances of that happening with IVF are really less as it makes use of genetic screening.

By getting the best IVF treatment in India, a couple can ensure that they enjoy a normal pregnancy like everyone else. To know where to get the best IVF treatment in India, be sure to consult with your doctor.


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