Dos and don’ts before an IUI treatment

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is type of treatment couples opt for when they face difficulty in getting pregnant. In the IUI procedure, healthy sperms of the male partner are directly placed in to the female partner’s uterus when she’s ovulating, so the sperm can fertilize an egg and lead to pregnancy.

The IUI treatment requires a set of dos and don’ts that should be followed in order for it to be successful. These are-


  • Wait before having sex- In case a woman experiences bleeding during the IUI procedure, she should wait for a period of 48 hours before having sex. If there’s no bleeding, the couple need not wait.
  • Wait before swimming or bathing- Again 48 hours is essential. Although there’s no concrete study to prove it, it is said that swimming or bathing can interfere with the IUI treatment.
  • Walk about when you feel okay- Lying down and resting is important after the IUI procedure as the cervix closes up to make sure that the sperm stays in, and that there’s no accidental leakage. Therefore, a woman should walk only when she feels ready, which may take a few minutes or more.
  • Ask the doctor before taking fertility medications- Fertility medications can interfere with IUI, and can also affect the results of the treatment. Hence, one should consult the doctor before taking them to prevent any possible complications.


  • Rush- The woman should wait at least for a week or two before taking a pregnancy test to find out if she’s pregnant or not, post the IUI procedure. Ovulation takes a bit of time after the insemination and a rushed test can signal a false result. Hence, waiting is necessary to be absolutely sure.
  • Raise your expectation too high- While the IUI treatment has a good success rate, raising our expectations very high is advised against, as the first attempt may not always turn out to be successful. This is because the success of the procedure is also dependent on the quality of the man’s sperm. A success rate of 15-20% is considered normal.
  • Take NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) – These include drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen. If the female experiences any sort of discomfort such as pain or cramps after the IUI procedure, she should have a paracetamol instead of NSAIDs.

These are some of the dos and don’ts that must be diligently followed in order to ensure a successful IUI treatment. However, some dos and don’ts can be very specific to a couple’s particular case. In that case, a couple must consult with a fertility specialist.


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