5 factors to consider before selecting an infertility treatment centre

In India, around 45 percent of couples encounter infertility problems after marriage. This problem has been increasing rapidly and is not just confined to urban areas. It could be a pretty stressful and emotional experience for a couple to deal with the fact. Men, women or both could be the reason for not having babies. Additionally, in urban India, lifestyle changes are said to be the main reasons behind this, which could be stress related to work, long hours of work and obesity. Young Indians are getting obese due to fast food and lack of exercise.

There are several infertility treatment centers in India that a couple can choose from. However, with so many infertility treatment centersacross India, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose one that is not just the best, but could also delivers the desired results. Therefore, here are five factors that couples should consider before selecting an infertility clinic:

1.Trained team of professionals: This needs to be the first priority of a couple for selection. The doctors, nurses and Embryologists should be trained and be able to effectively deal with infertility cases. Ensure that they have the requisite training and experience that can help them produce results. Also, make sure that the clinic has the required infrastructure and resources to carry out different tests.

2.Customer Service: A couple could expect to spend a lot of time in the clinic with host of tests that they need to undergo. Therefore, it becomes important that the staff is caring, friendly and understanding. Overall, they deliver good service and do not cause one unnecessary stress.

3.Location: A couple will have to make several visits to the clinic during and after the treatment. Hence, location of the clinic is important. No couple would like to spend lot of time and money travelling between their home and the clinic.

4.Affordability: Though the couple may have decided to go for a treatment, cost is something that should not be ignored at all. The treatment is always expensive and can make a dent in your savings, if not already taken in account.
5.Success rate: Before a decision is made, the couple should consult the specialist about the success rate of the procedure, as well as the success rate of the clinic, in general. The more the chances of success the more comfortable and stress free a couple will be.

In addition to the above selection criteria, it would be great if a couple could take a referral of the treatment centre from friends, relatives or colleagues. Sometimes input from these trusted sources combined with the above factors can change one’s decision in selecting an infertility centre. Before going ahead with the decision of treatment, the couple should contemplate and discuss any side effects of the treatment.


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