IVF treatment: 5 steps to getting pregnant

For married couples consummating a marriage is the first step towards a happy life. A family is incomplete without children who are a source of love and happiness. Children at home always work as a stress buster and can bring a smile on one’s face even at the worst of the situations. However, there are many couples who are unable to conceive and have babies.

The good news is that with the advancement in the field of medicine, infertility can be treated in most cases. In majority of the infertility cases, in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure is used to get pregnant. It will be helpful to know that IVF is opted by patients with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, have problem or disorder involving release of healthy eggs, less sperm count and immotile sperm, and fertility problem that is unexplained, that is, the doctor is unable to determine the reason of infertility.

In IVF, a healthy egg and a healthy sperm are combined manually in the lab with the help of a specialist. This is called fertilization and the result leads to the formation of an embryo, which is then placed in the uterus. Here are the five steps which explains IVF treatment in India:

1.Monitoring productions of eggs: The female is administered drugs that help in stimulating the production of eggs. As not all eggs are healthy, multiple eggs are required for successful fertilization. However, if a woman is unable to produce any eggs, doctor can still go ahead with the process with eggs from a donor.

2.Retrieval of eggs: In this stage, the specialist using a needle, extracts the eggs. As it is a surgical procedure, medication is given to reduce pain and discomfort.
3.Sperm collection: Here the semen is collected from the male so that healthy sperm can be used to fertilize the egg.

4.Insemination: In this stage, egg and sperm are fertilized manually in the lab. Sometimes the specialist may inject a sperm into the healthy egg. Once this is successful, the egg is closely monitored to ensure fertilization and division of cells. After successful fertilization, eggs take the shape of embryos.

5.Embryo transfer: The final stage requires the embryologist or a specialist to transfer a healthy embryo from the lab to the uterus of the female. The procedure is often painless.

In today’s world, where there is lot of stress and cut throat competition in the work place, some couples delay having babies. Unfortunately, time waits for none and by the time they are ready to have a kid, age comes across as a big barrier. However, couples can still fulfill their dreams and not lose hope by finding the best IVF treatment in India and abroad, if money is not a problem.IVF treatment in India is highly effective and safe.


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