5 benefits of IUI treatment

A lot of couples who are unable to conceive naturally, are prescribed by their doctors to opt for assisted conception. Intrauterine insemination or IUI is one form of assisted conception in which the sperm of the male partner is placed in the uterus of the female partner. The sperm is either directly collected or obtained from the ejaculated semen. This is a relatively less invasive procedure which has recently become quite widely prescribed by doctors. The IUI treatment for pregnancy has impressive success rates and healthy birth records. The 5 main benefits of the IUI treatment have been explained below:

  • The procedure involved in the IUI treatment assures that the healthiest sperm is chosen for fertilization to maximize the chances of conceiving. As the sperm is washed all those chemicals which may cause discomfort to the female bearing the child are removed.
  •  IUI treatment is less expensive and less invasive when compared to other assisted insemination treatments such as in-vitro fertilization. This treatment takes less than an hour to be performed.
  • Doctors resort to the IUI treatment for pregnancy in a variety of situations. This treatment is suitable for couples where the male partner suffers from low sperm count or poor motility. Sometimes this treatment is the last option if the cause of infertility cannot be pinpointed.
  • Usually couples undergo up to 5-6 cycles before successfully being able to conceive. In spite of this it has been proven that the success rate of IUI treatment is much higher than other infertility treatments. The success of this treatment is determined by a host of factors. However, studies indicate that the success rates may be as high as 20% depending on factors such as the reason behind infertility, age of the female and usage of fertility drugs.
  • Cost is a major factor when it comes to treatment for infertility. Each sitting of such a treatment costs quite a lot, so couples usually first opt for the IUI treatment before resorting to IVF as the costs for IUI is much lower.

The five benefits mentioned above clearly prove why IUI treatment is so popular among couples who have trouble in conceiving a baby. Though there are certain issues with this treatment it continues to be prescribed by doctors to treat infertility 


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