5 Symptoms That Indicate That You Need To Visit An Infertility Treatment Center

Planning for a baby is a life changing journey for both you and your partner. However, every month that goes by without a positive result can feel like eternity or a letdown. But while there are plenty of reasons as to why a conception may not occur, there are certain indications of it. A visit to an infertility treatment centre will help review these symptoms and get the right diagnosis.

Given below are some of the important symptoms that indicate that you need to visit an infertility treatment centre in India:

Irregular periods: It is not uncommon for women to suffer from irregular periods in the beginning, which regularizes later on. However, in the course of time, if an irregularity occurs in your menstrual cycles, this can affect your ability to conceive. There are plenty of reasons as to why your periods are irregular. Stress or change in diet habits are some of the common reasons. Eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia can also lead to this problem. Changes in your weight is also another reason why this occurs. However, other conditions such as polycystic ovaries, or even endometriosis can cause irregular periods.

Abnormal periods: The duration and severity of menstrual bleeding varies from woman to woman. However, if you need to change your tampon or sanitary napkin almost every hour due to excessive bleeding during your periods, you may need to visit a specialists in an infertility treatment centre. Stress is one factor that lead to abnormal periods. Other lifestyle habits such as excessive weight loss or gain can lead to abnormal periods. Other conditions such as PCO’s, fibroids or even endometriosis leads to abnormal periods. Uterine or cervical cancer can also lead to abnormal periods.

Period has stopped: There are plenty of reasons why your menstrual cycle would stop. Pregnancy is one reasons why this occurs. However, other reasons include unhealthy eating habits and abrupt weight loss or gain amongst many other factors. Certain medication such as steroids or chemotherapy can cause your periods to stop. Medical conditions such as PCO’s or tumors can stop your periods.

Change in hormonal levels: Your menstrual cycle is regulated by your hormones in your body. If there is a change in your hormonal levels, it can affect conception and pregnancy. Emotional and stress levels can affect hormonal production. Hyper or hypo thyroidism can affect your hormonal levels. Growth of tumors on hormone producing glands can also affect the production, and thus result in a change. You must visit an infertility treatment centre in India to get the right diagnosis.

Pain during intercourse: Normally intercourse is never painful unless there is an injury to the vagina. Additionally, certain STD’s such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, and cytomegalovirus can not only cause pain during intercourse but also lead to infertility if not treated.


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