IVF Treatment: Recovery And Aftercare

Many couples who are trying for a baby, many not have success through the natural process. However, advancements in technology have allowed such couples to enjoy a normal pregnancy, through controlled medical intervention. One of the many and popular treatment to ensure pregnancy through ‘assisted reproductive technology’ is the in vitro fertilisation treatment.

Through the IVF Procedures in India, the ovaries are stimulated to produce multiple eggs which are then collected and fertilised in a lab. Once the eggs are fertilised and reach the stage of the blastocyst, they are carefully inserted into the womb, into an optimal spot. This is known as the embryo transfer stage.

If you are planning to undergo any of the IVF Treatment in India, your doctor will mostly be in control of your treatment procedure. Post this stage, these are the steps you will need to follow pertaining to recovery and aftercare:

First 60 minutes post transfer:

Once the embryo transfer is completed, you will be transferred to your room, where you will have to remain flat on your back for some time. Most institutes follow a 30 to 40-minute rule. However, the ideal time is 60 minutes. Since the procedure is undertaken with an assistance of an ultrasound guidance, you will need to have your bladder full for the process. You can relieve yourself, but you must remain on your back through the first hour. Once you have rested for the required time, and your doctor will give you the signal to head home. Ensure that you someone with you when travelling home, as you may still take the time to recover from the anaesthetic provided during the embryo transfer.

Recover for the next few days:

Before your release from the centre, your doctor will give you post – transfer instructions that will need to be followed to ensure successful implantation and recovery of your body. These instructions may differ from your medical history and their own preference. However, the standard instructions post IVF Procedures in India include:

1. Complete bed rest for the first 12 to 24 hours to ensure that you have adequate rest and recovery.

2. Avoid any heavy lifting for the next 48 hours. This not only puts a strain on your body, but it can affect its recovery process.

3. Avoid any strenuous physical activity or exercises for the next 8 hours.

4. Avoid swimming, or any hot tub baths as the chemicals and excessive heat can affect your biological functioning.

5. Avoid cleaning out your vagina through the process of douching, or even using tampons. If possible avoid using a bidet.

6. Avoid smoking, drugs or any alcohol, as it can affect the medication you need to take after the IVF treatment.

7. Avoid any sexual intercourse until your doctor gives you the signal to do so.

8. You can resume work once your doctor gives you permission to do so. However, you need to avoid stressing yourself out or indulging in overexerting activities.


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