What to expect during an IUI procedure

Intrauterine insemination (IUI), is a kind of artificial insemination method which treats infertility. The procedure involves the placement of sperm into the uterus just when the ovaries are ready to release eggs for fertilization.

The initial method of insemination placed the male sperm into the vaginal area. This was a much easy method but did not have very may success rates. Newer technology places the sperms directly into the uterus of the female and is more successful than the former method.

IUI treatment is done to increase the chances of pregnancy through natural fertilization.

What should a couple expect during an IUI procedure?

During the initial meeting with the concerned doctor, both the partners are questioned about their medical history and causes of infertility. On the basis of this information the doctor explains the procedure for IUI treatment.

As per the female partner’s ovulation period, a date is set. IUI treatment for pregnancyis a simple procedure which takes about a few minutes to do. The procedure is generally performed at the office or clinic of the doctor. Moreover, no medication or for that matter pain reliever is required during the time of the procedure. Generally the doctor himself, or a specially trained nurse conducts the intrauterine insemination treatment.

What happens during the time of the procedure?

The female partner is asked to lie down, after which her legs are strapped. An instrument called the speculum is then inserted into the vagina. The feeling is similar to when you get a Pap test done. Once the insertion is done, a catheter with a healthy sperm at the end is then inserted into the vagina, which is directed all the way into the uterus. The sperm is placed in the uterus and the catheter, along with the speculum is removed.

What happens once the procedure is done?

After the IUI procedure is completed, one is asked to rest for some time after which they can leave the clinic and resume daily activities. Although, one may experience a bit of spotting for a day or two following the IUI procedure.

Most couples who have undergone intrauterine insemination treatment are asked to wait for about 2 weeks before doing a pregnancy test. Waiting for 2 weeks and more is a must. A pregnancy test done too soon may result in either a false negative or a false positive, which can prove to be quite disappointing.

Most doctors ask couples to return to the clinic for a blood test, for guaranteed results.


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