What factors must you consider before choosing a fertility clinic?

As per recent statistics, 1 among every 6 couples face problems while conceiving. Thus, a fertility clinic is a healthcare facility which offers assistance to couples and even individuals who want to conceive, but are facing medical problems.

With the advancement of medical science a number of fertility centres have come up during the recent years. Thus, couples face some amount of confusion when it comes to choosing the fertility hospital that will suit them best.

The following are a few factors that should be considered when choosing a fertility clinic in India

  • Determine the fertility clinic which suits you best- When a couple comes to the point of choosing a fertility centre, it definitely entails that they have consulted a doctor first. Thus, make sure that you clarify with your doctor the kind of fertility treatment you need. Accordingly, choose a fertility centre popularly known for that particular treatment.
  • Determine success rate- It is important that one considers the success rate of a fertility hospital, when looking around. A decent success rate is anywhere above 30%. A number of fertility clinics feature false live birth rates, thus, make sure that you do not get fooled.
  • Determine the location- A fertility treatment entails that one will have to visit the centre more than a couple of times. Therefore it is important to make sure that the location of the fertility hospital is quite near your home or work place. Thus, you can easily avoid the stress of travelling for a long period of time to reach the centre.
  • Determine the cost of treatment- In case of most medical treatment the cost is a final determining factor. Ensure that you get clarity on the cost of the treatment before choosing a fertility clinic. Most fertility treatments are not covered by insurance companies. Hence, before making a decision find out if the treatment is under insurance coverage or not. If not, set a budget for the fertility treatment and look around for clinics and facilities offering cost effective and safe treatment options.
  • Determine quality of service- A good experience is quite important when it comes to fertility treatment. Thus make sure that the facility is well equipped and employs credible staff who are always willing to help and clear doubts whenever the need arises.

Opting for a fertility treatment is a big decision for a couple, to ensure a pleasant and fruitful experience find relevant information and choose the best fertility clinic in India.


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