Infertility treatment: all you need to know

Infertility is the inability to able to conceive even after a year of unprotected intercourse. It is a broad term and there are various medical conditions that come under the banner of this term. Infertility has become a common phenomenon; as one out of eight couple face issues conceiving naturally. Approximately 40% of infertility has been traced to women and about the same amount to men. The rests 20% is a combination of both the genders.

Approximately 5% of the infertile couple incline towards infertility services in India. People going through such issues need to keep few things in mind while consider an infertility treatment in India:

1. Conventional IVF is time consuming:

Before people consider starting an infertility treatment, they need to be patient throughout the procedure. The procedure of In-vitro fertilization or IVF, involves the removal of eggs from the woman’s ovary, fertilized outside the body and finally being replaced inside the womb. The treatment involves consuming medicines, conducting multiple scans and visit to the doctors for many weeks. As such the treatment might take in upwards of 4-5 weeks.

2. Different types of IVF:

Natural IVF is one form of treatment which is less intensive than the earlier one and does not require any stimulating drug. Natural Modified IVF requires maximum 3-4 days of drugs and Mild IVF only 5-9 days. The advantages of these treatments are that they take one cycle to complete the procedure without interfering with the menstrual cycle.

3. Budget:

People need to have clarity that the cost of one cycle is not the cost for the complete treatment. Cycle costs is only inclusive of scans, collection of egg, embryology and embryo transfer. However the cost of blood test and the medication is not covered in the package. People should clarify all the queries regarding the cost of the complete treatment with the consultants.

4. Age matter:

Age is a major factor when the result and the success rate of the treatment are considered. Women below 35 years have better chance of conceiving than women who have exceeded the age line. However the fertility rate with men remain relatively stable, but it fallswith the decline in testosterone levels.

People often fail to comprehend that infertility treatment in India is quite expensive and the success rate might differ among various individuals. At times people need more than one cycle to conceive, elongating the time frame of the infertility treatment. Apart from considering all the above factors, people need to be patient throughout the infertility treatment.


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