Intrauterine insemination treatment: An overview

Intrauterine insemination treatment or IUI is a procedure where the fast moving sperms are separated from the non-moving sperms. IUI treatment can be performed with the help of one’s partner’s or any donor’s sperm. IUI procedure can help people have a baby and complete their family but they need to be aware of some facts regarding the treatment.

The procedure:

  • People will be given fertility drugs and the ovulation cycle will be closely monitored.
  • Their partner or a donor needs provide sperm samples that have to be washed and prepared for insemination.
  • Their doctors will then inject this sperm into their uterus.

Getting ready for the procedure:

People need to visit the fertility specialist and have a pre-IUI workup. The specialist will determine if the person is in good health and would assess the hormone levels and the condition of uterus.

Before the IUI procedure starts, the specialist will put them on an ovulation drug. The doctor would monitor the person through the ultrasound and blood tests. These tests would confirm the production of healthy eggs by the person. These tests would also help the specialist to determine the perfect timing to inject the sperms.Person need to undergo another test that clarifies the time frame of the ovulation to happen.

Inserting the sperm:

The process of injecting the sperm is painless and quick. It takes almost 1-2 hours at max. three steps that follow:

  • 1. Person need to lie down like is done in a pelvic examination
  • 2. The specialist will inject a catheter inside the person’s cervix
  • 3. Finally the specialist will inject the washed sperm into the person’s uterus

Get prepared for IUI:

IUI treatment requires the person to change their lifestyle to increase the chance of a healthy pregnancy. For that they need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • The person undergoing this process needs to adapt a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits prescribed by the doctor
  • This increases the chances of healthy pregnancy, the person need to attain a healthy weight
  • The person needs to stop the consumption of alcohol, nicotine and any other drug
  • Start talking multivitamins with doctor’s consultation.

The IUI treatment for pregnancy helps people have a family who have been suffering from infertility. Not only couples but same-sex partners and single parents get the chance to have a baby. Having a baby is a life changing experience. So people who were deprived of the happiness of being a parent can fulfill their dreams with the help of IUI treatment.


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