Things to consider before choosing a fertility clinic

Infertility has become a common phenomenon across the world. Every one out of eight people are estimated to be affected with this problem. There are treatments to overcome this condition but there are several misconceptions that make couples fear and reluctant them from getting the best fertility treatment. The most common treatment for infertility is IVF (in vitro fertilization), though there are few other procedures as well.

One may not merely remain disheartened if one has infertility issues, rather they should stress on finding the right fertility clinic. But here are few things which you need to be aware of before you head to any fertility centre.

Things to consider:

  • 1. General consideration:

No matter how trivial it might sound but the location of the fertility clinic matters. Fertility treatment requires several sitting with the doctor and is time consuming. Regular visits and travel time can be tedious and unmanageable. Long travels take an even heavy toll in older couples and pregnant mothers.

  • 2. Finance matters:

Infertility treatment is very expensive. There are various treatments that cater to different issues regarding infertility. People need to see if the fertility clinic has got those treatments available which they need. You may also opt forinsurance schemes offered by the fertility clinic. There are chances that if the IVF treatment goes unsuccessful, it is important to inquire about IVF refund program. Know the fertility clinic’s embryo storing and freezing cost and the frozen embryo transfer (FET cycle).

  • 3. Success rate of fertility clinic:

Check the success rate of the fertility clinic. Most fertility clinic report the statistics on their websites which makes it easier for the people to compare the stats of various fertility clinics.

  • 4. Credentials of the doctor:

Good doctors hold and reputef ertility clinics. Check if your doctor is a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and his fellowship program. Check which hospitals or clinics he is affiliated to. The credentials of the specialist helps you determine his/her experience which adds to a greater chance of success in the treatment.

  • 5. Reputation of the clinic:

Collect feedbacks about the clinic from friends, family or via online. Check how many specialists are affiliated to the clinic. Try to know the staff attrition rate of the clinic so as to take a glimpse of the clinic’s performance.

These are the essential facts that need to be considered before heading towards a fertility hospital. There are many fertility hospitals in India but abiding by the facts mentioned above will help people find the best fertility hospital among them.



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